you + Happiness = Superpowers


you + Happiness = Superpowers

We think we're logical creatures,
but 95% of our daily decisions are emotional

More surprisingly, emotions aren't just feelings.  They're physical states! 
Our brain functions very differently depending on our mood, 
whether we're happy, sad, scared, excited, indifferent, bored, angry or eager.

This is why someone with higher eq (emotional intelligence) can outperform someone with higher iq because those emotions are the key that unlocks your brain's potential.

At the happy mind gym
I've created a bite-sized program that builds your emotional muscles to unleash your superpowers.

WHO am i?

A science nerd who learned the hard way how happiness optimizes performance.


WHAT do i do?

I create a culture of High-Performance Happiness, inspired by serious science.


Surprisingly, happiness is like a muscle and it gives us actual superpowers.

A note from the founder

"How can I be happier?" 

Fresh out of college, I had big hopes for the future.  I packed my whole life into two suitcases and moved from Arizona to Berlin, pursuing a new career and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime...or so I thought. 

To make a long story short, the reality was that I was far away from friends and family.  I struggled.  I felt alone, isolated and unhappy, especially at work. 

My sunny disposition had faded and I usually found myself on the couch, eating chocolate and watching the few American movies I could find in the local video store.  My background was in science and I wished there were some sort of happiness formula. 

Gradually, I started to come across tools that changed my mindset and ultimately my life.  I watched Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, and then discovered there was a whole field of science dedicated to happiness called positive psychology, pioneered by Harvard.  For years, scientists had been studying this elusive emotion.  The latest research had reached a pinnacle of life-changing discoveries, which I consider to be the holy grail for success in business and life. 

What's so perfect is that I learned feeling better comes down to surprisingly simple and playful habits.  Happiness, according to the research, is so much more than a good feeling.  It's a heightened physical state where an individual accesses his or her superpowers.  For example, happy brains think faster and visually see more.  The list goes on and it becomes obvious that happiness is not just a nice-to-have emotion, but the secret key to unlocking our talent and abilities, being healthier, and even making more money. was born to serve as a destination - a happiness haven - where the science is made practical for everyday life and is championed by a tight-knit support group.  The need for this type of community was highlighted by unhappy periods in my life that I experienced after learning and teaching all of this.  When I was "too busy" to practice what I preached, I fell back into old patterns. 

I realized it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or experienced happiness coach, it's absolutely necessary to be consistent and to have a community cheering you on.  I invite you to join us and give it a try.

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