shannon dolan


Shannon Dolan is the founder of Happisland and an expert on the happiness research that inspires people to dance, instead of walk, to work.  She is passionate about making the pearls of wisdom from science as simple, practical and accessible as possible to help people optimize their day.  Inspired by her background in Biology and Astrophysics, she thinks about everything in terms of formulas, including various aspects of our professional and personal lives.  She studies with fascination the spectrum of human existence that spans from survival to an individual achieving his or her greatest potential, seeking to quantify the decisions, actions and habits that enable us to become the best version of ourselves.

robert rodgers


Robert Rodgers brings the magic of acting, improv, and Cirque du Soleil to every day.  Over the years, he’s developed a deep knowledge of these arts with a wide-array of experience, 
including time spent as a Cirque-du-Soleil performer.  He now brings highly-relevant lessons to the field of happiness, connecting much of the wisdom it requires to be an expert performer to helping us lead fulfilling lives.  He has an uncanny ability to bring out hidden talents and profound expression in our buttoned-down culture of suits and ties.  With his guidance, we find ourself cherishing the present, finding our voice, lifting up our fellow team members, and remembering a playful spirit of a long forgotten inner child.